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Building Strong Military Families


Bailey Military Family Support Group is a 501c3 that was established in February 2022, to honor the legacy of CSM Scott Bailey. We have made a lasting impression on countless military families, thanks to the help of our generous supporters. The core of our work lies in preventing military affiliated suicides by focusing on the current/former service member and their family. We have a variety of different programs in our organization to help families overcome and adapt. We strive to bring hope during the dark times that often come with military life. 


The Focus of Our Efforts

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Deployment Baskets

We provide our members with special baskets when their loved one deploys. We focus on coping tools such as books, art supplies, stuffed animals, personalized blankets, and more. 

Suicide Prevention

We partner with the local Police Department BHCON Unit and Resurgence of Life Counseling to bring an annual suicide prevention night that focuses on local resources and finding hope. We also offer counseling scholarships to our members that are waiting on referrals. 


Healthy Marriages

We understand how hard deployments, separation from service and everything in-between can be on marriages. We host an annual marriage seminar called Talking Taboo which has a faith based approach to covering topics such as infidelity and substance abuse. We strive to provide tools and resources to help marriages grow during difficult times.  

Strong Families

We strive to focus on the entire family individually and as a unit to help them overcome the challenges of military life. Whether it is a deployed service member, a loved one struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or transitioning out of the military, we are here to support our families.

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Hannah Stryffeler

“I've struggled to find other veterans to meet with and finally this group came along and it has been such a blessing to me and the rest of my family. It truly feels like a second family being surrounded by others who understand what you have been through in the Army and walk beside you to celebrate all the joys in this new civilian life!”
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